Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just when you think things are getting better

I know, I know. I haven't wrote anything lately. But, life you know, it happens, and I have had very little me time.
I'm definitely looking for a job seriously now. I can't wait around at CCRX waiting for the inevitable, which is the pharmacy closing. What really sucks is what I am trained to do, pharmacy technician, and my experience level, plus needing full time work pretty much makes me unhirable. Tell me, wouldn't it make sense to these stores to hire a couple full time people? They'd know the customers, problems, and would be more likely to stick around. All the chains around here want part timer's. Granted, like the hubby says, it'll probably turn to full time eventually, but by that time, we'd probably be living in the van. I seriously need to get out of California and go somewhere that the cost of living isn't so inflated. My 2 bed/1 bath duplex that I live in is nearly $700 a month, which is CHEAP. I would love a house, but with payments "starting at just $1729" being the norm around here, no way. I look at houses in Kentucky in or around where we lived for a while, and I can't believe the prices. $80,000 for a 5 bed/2 bath on 5 acres??? That, out here, would easily be a 900,000 dollar home. More towards LA, it'd be over 1 million.
Ok, I've vented enough:)

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