Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Crafting time...

I've been a busy bee lately, well at least for me I have. I finished the corset, though I need to replace a grommet that didn't get set right. No problem there. I really hate doing the binding though, and I messed up a couple spots. I wish I had gotten a picture of it though, it looked damn good on me:)
I finally did an amigurumi (I probably spelled that wrong). I made a Camel that came out really cute. I'm not crazy about crocheting in a spiral, but I'm getting better at it. I also made a Mushroom. My husband looked at it and laughed, lol...I can't blame him. It's kinda cute though. I might use it to hold stitch markers, yarn needles, ect. All this is a nice change from my 12 inch squares. Not that I don't like doing them, don't get me wrong. I actually, really, love it. It's nice to complete a project in a couple hours, rather than a couple weeks.
I finally finished a Mei Tai based on those directions. I "wore" my 1 month old for quite a bit while testing it, and she loved it...first time falling asleep, then looking around. I need to make a few more once I have more money. I need some more fabric. All the stuff I have is either for faire, corsets, or sari material. The sari's probably will get made into either a corset or something for tribal/belly dancer faire persona.

Ok, Gotta run.


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